Felix Stein

Felix Stein from Germany was 14 years old when Elvis died. His father and brother were already deep rooted into music, and so his musical career began. Over the years Elvis has had a big influence on Felix, and he performed first in 2010. Felix was hooked.The enthusiasm of the audience pushed him on even further to get better, and closer to the King of Rock n Roll. “It was a huge compliment to hear them say „Elvis Lives“ I am not Elvis, a double, or imitator, i am an Elvis tribute artist/ ETA. My aim is to keep the Elvis myth – the King with all that i do through vocals and outfits. If you can close your eyes and say you could be Elvis alive, I’ve achieved everything that makes this myth go on” By 2016, Felix had private performances, but wanted to perform on the big stages. Then someone told him the Elvis fans have to hear and see you and  was allowed to be part of the Elvis European Championship 2017 in Birmingham. Here he learned a lot and got to know a lot of new friends and he is proud to be proud of the great Elvis family. Felix would be happy to meet many Elvis fans. 


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